Monday, April 18, 2011

A Beautiful Gift

I was given a scarf yesterday.  I noticed it on the shoulders of a Canadian woman originally from Fiji, who sat in front of me at Warm Beach Women's Retreat, and I leaned forward to compliment her on it.  It was a brief interchange.  Me: What a pretty scarf.  Her: Thank you!  That's all.  Later, when we were preparing to receive communion, I noticed that she had draped it over her head as a covering.

We went forward to take communion and as I returned to my seat she turned around with the nicely folded scarf in her hands.  "Are you the one who liked my scarf?" she asked.  "I'd like you to have it."  Then she introduced me to her sister-in-law sitting with her, who had purchased the scarf for her in Israel.

What an unexpected and precious gift that was for me!  A complete surprise -- on Palm Sunday, a gift from the Holy Land via Canada to me!  I think of the robes thrown on the ground before Jesus as He entered Jerusalem.  My mind turns to the women who came to the tomb on Resurrection Day, their heads covered with their own shawls.  I am reminded that we are brothers and sisters if we share a relationship with Christ, no matter where we come from in the world or how our customs may differ.  And I marvel at the kindness of one of those sisters who would offer such a lovely gift to another whom she had only barely met.

Thank you, Eunice.  I was very touched by your gift.

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Joan Husby said...

What a lovely gift. It suits you!