Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Blogiversary!

Yesterday marked my 500th blog post!  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog, which I began in September of 2009.  Here are a few of my favorite entries:

Baby and Her Buddies
You should meet Baby, a Moluccan Cockatoo who belongs to my friends Steve and Janice.  Baby's a character.  She's mischievous, she's noisy, and she's a hoot!

In her screechy voice Baby announces, "I be good!  I be good!"  This, however, is not always accurate.  Sometimes Baby be bad!  Read more...

My Brother Tom
Yesterday morning I headed south on I-5 just about the time the sun came up.  Mountains laden in snow drew my eyes again and again as the sun, filtered by billowy clouds, crept higher and higher into the sky.  From the HOV lane I looked down on the Snohomish River valley, green patches through the winter trees, the meandering river, the foothills.

My brother Tom took the River Road each evening to his job at the cannery in Snohomish the summer of 1967.  Read more...

How to Feed a Crowd in a Hurry
After seeing Julie and Julia in September, Tom reserved a video series from the library of Julia Child's cooking show.  It was so popular that he didn't get it for two months.  We just watched her Omelette episode filmed in 1972 and got a few good tips.

I'm certainly glad Julia has't had one of my Omelettes.  She would probably call it "rubbery" because mine spend too much time in the pan.  Read more...

Got Moxie?
It came up at the dinner table last night with Tom's sisters.  Just where can you get the old fashioned sodas that we remember from our childhood?

Look no further.  Just check out the Orca Beverage Company in Mukilteo, Washington  You can get Bubble Up, Dad's Root Beer, orange, peach or strawberry Nesbitt's, Sioux City Sodas and Moxie  The history of Moxie, which was originally designed as a tonic, is especially interesting.  The drink was so popular in the early 1900s... Read more...

Mama's OCPF
There have been a few times when we've received money that we didn't expect -- $30 in the pocket of a pair of pants we'd purchased at a thrift store, a refund from an overpayment, a birthday check.  We've had considerably more change in our wallets since the library dropped its fee for overdue books.  One quarter in college I went in to pay my tuition, only to find that someone else already had!  I never did find out who.  Read more...

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