Friday, February 11, 2011

Prepare Now for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  Here are some suggestions to make your Valentine's Day especially meaningful.

Give a Coupon
Valentine's Day is a day to show love.  Cards, flowers, candy -- those are all fine ways, but why not give a coupon that will demonstrate your love by an action?  Offer to wash the car, or scrub the kitchen floor, or empty the dishwasher for a month (if that's not your regular job, of course!) or some other activity that would be a blessing to your loved one!  Drop by a coupon good for a weekly phone call to an elderly friend, or for an afternoon of babysitting for a tired parent.  Who do you know who would love a personalized gift of you?

Write a Letter
When I look for cards at the store I so seldom find one that exactly expresses my sentiment.  Maybe it's time to dig out the stationary and write a note.  You could enumerate three things you love about the person, or reminisce about how you met.  Maybe you are overdue in expressing thanks for someone's thoughtfulness and you can express that in a hand-written note.  Slip in a small trinket, bookmark or photo, some small keepsake.  Everybody loves to get mail, and if it is a personal note from a loved one (especially if it says something nice about them!), they love it all the more.

Say I Love You
One last suggestion.   If you really want to impress your beloved, check this out -- how to say "I love you" in over 100 languages!  Memorize some of these to whisper to your Valentine!

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