Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feed Me!

It was one of our rare meals in a restaurant when we were young. After weeks of practicing our manners at home, our parents decided we were ready for an outing. After church one Sunday we trotted off to the B&M in Marysville.  The place was jam-packed. Seated around a large table in the middle of the restaurant, we watched the wait staff dash back and forth, always passing us and never stopping to face the family with "all those kids!" Finally two-year-old Teddy had had enough. He picked up his fork in one hand and his spoon in the other and banged them on the tray of his high chair and bellered at the next waitress who passed, "Listen here, you lung lady, bring us some supper!"

(Come, now!  Who'd be afraid to serve this sweet family!!)

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