Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Luci Swindoll, an Amazing Lady

It's just possible that you know Chuck Swindoll, author, pastor and radio speaker.  But I wonder, do you know his sister, Luci?  She, too, is an author and speaker and, like her brother, is known for her humor as well as her insights into life and scripture.  Luci has been a part of Women of Faith since its beginning, fifteen years ago. And I got to hear her last weekend.

At Women of Faith Luci quoted her grandmother: "A day is wasted if you don't fall over in a heap laughing."  Good philosophy, Grandma Swindoll!

If you know Luci, you know that she worked for Mobil Oil for 30 years.  But did you know what she did for the company?  She was a cartographer -- she made maps!  You may know that she loves the arts -- literature, fine art, music.  She told us that when they were kids and Luci, her two brothers and her parents were settled in their rooms for the night, one of them would begin to sing.  Others would join in and soon, from all the bedrooms, in four-part harmony, hymns would fill the house. Did you know that Luci went on to be an opera singer?

Luci challenged us to step out and take challenges.  "Do it because nobody said you couldn't!" she admonished us.

You can't help but love this wise, winsome 78-year-old woman of God. She says, "Faith is my protoplasm. Without my faith in Christ, I would be a very different person."  And I'm guessing she wouldn't be half as interesting.

If you want to get to know Luci better, check out this great interview I found online. 

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