Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Getting Fit

I joined an exercise group last week.  It's a national program called Enhance Fitness, an hour of light aerobic exercise which meets three times a week.  My friend Irene is the instructor and the participants are all senior citizens -- well, we're over 55 anyway.  We aren't as lively a group as the one on this video, but surely we have more interesting conversations!

Take yesterday, for example.  For whatever reason, cows were the topic of our banter during the workout.  We learned how to milk a cow till she's dry; we heard about a cow who could jump a fence flat-footed, without having to take a run at it (which makes the nursery rhyme cow who jumped over the moon a bit more plausible!); we heard the story of a farmer whose own cows charged him when he was walking home through their pasture in the dark.

We have writers and nurses and business people in the class, former teachers and a pastor.  I've heard stories about the group's picnics and salmon dinners (this is a group who loves food, hence the need for the exercise?) and heard the loving stories of former participants.  Yesterday I learned how, just three years ago, one couple met over an avocado salad!

There are folks who bring in one-liners and cartoons for the wall.  And there are people in the class whose very presence brightens the room.

And to top it off, I'm feeling more energetic. All of this for $3 a session!

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