Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Felling weary?  Do you need a midday pick-me-up?  You think a latte will do it?  Maybe what you need is PAPA3.

When Roger Schoenhals began to notice that, even though he'd spent a sweet time with the Lord in the morning he was feeling in need of prayer as the afternoon wore on, he decided to pause and pray at 3:00 every day.  As he shared the idea with others, a network was formed of people around the world who pause at 3:00 and intentionally turn their hearts to the Lord.  They spend just a few minutes in prayer, praising God and lifting requests to Him.

There are no dues, no rules, no commitments to sign.  Just a daily devotional sent to you if you'd like to join the fellowship of believers who desire to strengthen their relationship with the Lord through prayer and see God's kingdom advanced.

You'll find the story of how this all began and get your questions answered at Pause and Pray at Three.  

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