Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vietnamese Noodles

We were in the University District of Seattle the other day, looking for someplace to eat.  Tom parked the car on the corner of NE 42nd and Brooklyn, rather out of the main business district.  We intended to round the corner to a nearby Thai restaurant, but took a chance on the Saigon Deli, a Vietnamese restaurant, instead.

Oh, my, was it ever delicious!  I had a bowl of noodles, spelled Pho but pronounced Fah.  It was loaded with rice noodles, vegetables, large pieces of chicken, savory basil, bean spouts, jalapeno pepper and lime.  Hot, healthy, and very satisfying!  Tom's Bun was a noodle, vegetable and pork dish seasoned with fresh herbs.

We were quite happy with our meal and would have been fine to pay the bill and go home, but after we finished the server brought us our free dessert, a cup of homemade yogurt.  "We make it fresh everyday," she told us.  I've got to tell you, it beats any other yogurt I've ever had, so smooth and sweet without any sharpness to it at all.  We liked it so much that we bought several extra cups to bring home with us.  It was not thick like commercial yogurt as it had no gelatin in it.  Consequently, it does not hold up as well; within a couple of days it had turned to sweet milk.

For several days I basked in the memory of that meal.  I was wondering when we might get some more Vietnamese food when I pulled up to a stop sign in the middle of my own little town, Stanwood.  Glancing to my left I realized that Yummy Noodles and Grill, which I pass several times a week and which has been in the same location for two or three years, is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant!

So guess where we had lunch on Saturday.  Yummy Noodles!  The food was just as tasty as what we ate at the Saigon Deli.  The small restaurant was brightly decorated in yellow and red, and smiling at us from the walls were the photos of dozens of happy customers who had already enjoyed the place.

I'm starting to think we're the last people in the country to have discovered Vietnamese food!

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