Friday, April 23, 2010

Read Through the Bible

Charles Morris of Haven Today has been encouraging his listeners to read through the Bible.  He has been promoting a program called The Bible in 90 Days and has featured the director of that ministry and a woman who has gotten many people to join her as she has read through the Bible.

I've got to say, he's piqued my interest.

This is not an intensive Bible study, or even a Bible study at all.  it is designed to give folks an overview of the scripture, a sense of God's work in the world as revealed in the Bible.  It can be an enriching experience, maybe even a life-changing experience.

It's a simple program.  At their website, The Bible in 90 Days, you'll find a bookmark you can download with each day's reading.  They also have a large print NIV Bible available, with the daily readings marked off every 12 pages.  Included on their site are links to the audio Bible read by Max McLean so, if you like, you can even listen along as you read.  That's all there is to it.

The only time I systematically read through the Bible in a year, it took me 18 months.  Maybe you have had a similar experience.  So how could I possibly do it in 90 days?  I'm thinking about finding out.  If I do, would you like to join me?

I've just started reading the New Testament.  They say that you can do it in just 21 days.  I'll let you know how it goes and whether or not I am ready to commit to the whole Bible.

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