Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Future Baby Ginger

On my first day in Phoenix I met Jo.  She is married to Seth's brother Steve, and they are expecting a baby girl in a couple of months.  I asked if they had a name picked out for her and she said not yet, but they were taking suggestions.  "How about Ginger?" I said.  (I don't get too many opportunities like this, so I take advantage of any that come along.)  "Oh, that's nice!  I love ginger ale.  We could call her Ginger Ale."

Later I suggested that they give the baby a middle name that starts with the letter L, maybe Ginger Louise, so that they can call her Ginger L.  If you say it fast it sounds like Ginger Ale.  She laughed.

I met Seth's dad at the rehearsal.  When he heard my name he said, "My son and his wife are thinking about naming their baby Ginger."  Then he called out to his son Steve and said, "Steve, this is Ginger!"  Steve said, "We're going to name our baby Ginger."  "Really?  For sure?"  "Ninety-five percent sure," he replied.

The next time I saw Jo I asked her if they really did plan to use the name Ginger.  "Absolutely!  We think we'll use Layla for a middle name.  Then she'll be Ginger L!"

I like my name.  But if I were ever to choose a different name for myself it would be Annie.  When baby Ginger arrives she will be loved by her mommy Jo, her daddy, Steve, and her big sister Annie!

I can't wait to meet her myself.

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