Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moving On

Today our friends Josh and Amanda Brooks and their wonderful kids leave Warm Beach to start a new phase of their lives in Wenatchee. Their U-Haul is ready and they'll be driving over the mountains to settle in as the senior pastoral family at the Free Methodist Church there.

His first year out of seminary, Josh came to Warm Beach as a pastoral intern. When his year was over, they stayed on. That was ten years ago! How we have enjoyed their ministry, especially their leadership in the Seekers Community. Pastor Josh has always led with integrity; he lives what he preaches. His own walk with the Lord has made us hunger for a deeper relationship with Him as well. He knows and loves Jesus, and is intentional about sharing Him with others. Thank you, Josh, for your role in the church and in our lives.

When they first moved to Warm Beach, Arianna was just a baby. Now there are two more girls (Karis and Glory) and three-year-old Josiah. Amanda's tender and hospitable spirit have ministered to so many in the community. She has homeschooled her children and teaches them piano. (How is it, Amanda, that we've never even heard you play??) The Brooks' gracious daughters and delightful son reflect the love and joy that they experience in their home. To encounter these great kids is to know that they are being raised by godly, wise, praying parents.

We are sad to see them go, but confident that the Lord has led them. We pray that as they transplant to a new location they will make a good adjustment and each one will find a very special place in the church and the community. May God use them in Wenatchee in ways that they can't imagine. After all, that is what He does with those who are fully committed to Him.

(photos by Adam Stevens)

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