Friday, December 26, 2014

Songs of Christmas -- Simeon

Through Simeon's Eyes

You held the newborn Jesus in your arms, Simeon.
Oh, I would like to have been there,
looking at you
as you looked at Him.

Your arms held the consolation of Israel,
the hope of the world.
Your eyes held all the promises of God,
revealed in a baby.

righteous and devout man of God,
man of God,
you had waited for this moment.
And when it came,
you took the child in your arms
and blessed God.

"I have seen your salvation, Lord,
the Light and the Glory,
just as you promised!
You can take me now,
for I have seen your salvation."

But you weren't finished.

The one who looked Salvation in the eyes
now looked at his mother.
"Many will rise and fall in Israel
because of your son,
and many will speak against Him.
The hearts of men will be revealed
and a sword will pierce your very soul."

Why the bitter with the sweet?
Why the pathos with the promise?
What shadow clouds your eyes,
Simeon, man of God?
What do you see?

Consolation of Israel,
Hope of the World,
how we long for you.
Give us the eyes of Simeon,
the heart of Simeon.
Let us see in the face of the Christ child
the Light and the Glory.
Whether bitter or sweet awaits us,
whether joy or sorrow,
Give us the eyes of Simeon.

(Ginger Kauffman, 2014)

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