Sunday, December 21, 2014

Songs of Christmas -- The Angel

Angel Messenger

Shining angel, majestic messenger from God,
what happened in Heaven
the day of the First Sin?
Did you and all the angels of God,
you who do His bidding,
gasp in disbelief
as you watched the seed of doubt,
cunningly planted,
take root and blossom into
Did you weep for all that was lost that day --
and all that was found?

Oh, the pain you have observed 
from your Heavenly perspective,
the chaos,
the brokenness.
Did you know that God was working out a plan?
Were there whispers in Heaven?

Today he sends you to shepherds
with a message for the world:
"A Savior has been born!
Find a baby in a manger,
God's Son,
Christ the Lord!"

No wonder the angels of Heaven
burst into song!
"Glory to God!
Glory to God!
The Peace of Heaven has arrived!"

Ginger Kauffman, December 2014

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