Friday, January 3, 2014

Juneau in January

My niece Amy is marrying Patrick on Saturday so we are in Juneau for the wedding. There's snow on the ground and slush on the side streets; the skies are grey; temperatures are in the mid-30s. Sunrise yesterday was at 8:45, sunset, 3:19. A bit bleak, I know, but it is Juneau in January, after all.

So we were excited to see sun breaks in the early afternoon yesterday. We grabbed the cameras and headed to Auke Bay and Mendenhall Glacier, two of Juneau's most popular tourist spots.

Here's what they look like in January.

The marina at Auke Bay

Snow on the docks

Mendenhall Glacier, certainly smaller than it was when we were here 22 years ago

Tom captured the blue of the glacial ice

Raindrops and reflections on the water

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