Monday, January 13, 2014

A Mitten for the Smitten

We received a rather unusual Christmas gift from Tom's sister Carol. She lives at the family home in New York and she and Marilee, Tom and Carol's sister who lives in Washington for the school year but spends her summers in New York, are working their way through the untold number of treasures that fill the cupboards, drawers, and attics of the farmhouse.

We opened the gift and this is what we found: a Mitten for the Smitten, along with the attached card explaining how it works.

Judging from the artwork, this has been around for a while. I called Carol and she told me she got it for her parents in the early '90s, but it looks like something that was made long before she came across it. Dad and Mom identified themselves on the card, naming the heart-couple Lynda and Harold. The note on the bottom is Carol's greeting to Tom and me.

We had a little trouble figuring out how to get this mitten on! It was a tight fit, but we finally figured out how to get two hands inside with our thumbs each in the proper places and our fingers intertwined. But our un-mittened hands got cold when we wore it at the Lights of Christmas. I guess I need a pink mitten for my right hand and Tom needs a blue one for his left. Then we really could stay warm as we go out in style!

On our last night in Juneau we went out to dinner with my Peach, Allen, Ted and Gail. We got out the mitten and Peach and Allen tried it on. Cute, huh! Ted took the photo of Tom and me and called it "The Bunny" when he emailed it. What can I say? There's just not that much to do in Juneau on a winter's evening!

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