Sunday, September 1, 2013

Standing at God's Window

I was talking with a friend today, a mother of several adult children. Life throws her family a lot of curve balls, and they are in the middle of a doozie right now. We clung to one another as we shared with each other our mama cares for our children.

This life is not easy. Our world is full of trouble, and it reaches into our own homes and creates chaos for those we love the most. We watch our children struggle and our hearts break. We see the difficulties they must navigate and we take up their burdens for ourselves. There are times when we can see no way out for them and we are overwhelmed to the point of despair.

But we turn our eyes to Jesus and see that he has our loved ones in his hand. He who made them knows them completely and will not fail. As we entrust them to his care -- every day, every minute of every day -- hope is restored and we are at rest.

Does this sound preposterous, foolish or irresponsible? It is not. It is a demonstration of our faith in a God big enough to carry the people we love the most. And as parents of adult children trying to find their way in this world, it is our privilege to lay them at the feet of Jesus. We trust him to call our children to himself in ways we could never imagine. He sees below the surface of their lives; he hears the cry of their hearts. And he knows how to reach them where they are.

I told my friend that only total reliance on the God who made our kids and knows them intimately will see all us parents and our beloved children all the way Home.

"We stand at God's window," she replied, "watching to see how this God who is mighty to save -- not just in the future but at this very moment -- is going to answer our prayers for our children.

"See us all the way home, Jesus!!"

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