Friday, May 10, 2013

God's Plan for Reshma

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Have you heard? There was a survivor found in the rubble of the Bangladesh garment factory collapse, after spending 16 days in a mosque in the basement of the building. She subsisted on dried fruit and bottled water, hoping that rescue workers would hear her cries for help as she called out and whacked sticks and rods on metal objects around her.

Though dehydrated, she was, remarkably, able to walk and is considered to be in "good health."

Her name is Reshma Begum. She is a seamstress, married, the mother of a young son.

What are God's plans for this woman? Surely He preserved her life; surely He knows her name, her needs, her future.

What are God's plans for the three young women rescued from their captivity in Cleveland where they had been held for a decade? Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus, along with 6-year-old child born during those terrible years, are free now. I wonder what God has in mind for them.

What are God's plans for you, whatever is happening in your life at this moment? In the midst of your current experiences -- some great trauma, some great triumph, or something in between -- what does God have in mind for you?

We don't know. But this we do know, God knows! And He has plans for Reshma, for Amanda, for Michelle, for Gina, for that little girl, for me, for you. He is not caught off-guard by our difficulties; He already has us in mind. His plans for us are good and trustworthy, because He Himself is trustworthy.

Lord, care for Reshma. Lead her to Your heart and make Your way clear to her. We ask the same for the  other women who have been granted freedom this week, and for ourselves. Thank You that You have plans!

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