Monday, April 30, 2012

Burundi -- How YOU Can Help

Photo by Rachelle Schaar
This is the week I buy my ticket for the trip to Africa in July! It's also the week I get my shots and apply for my visa. I am really getting excited about being a part of the team that is going to Burundi to participate in the Sister Connection Widow's Retreat!

One of the concerns for a trip like this is, of course, finances. The Lord is using the kindness of friends and church family to make this trip possible. But that's not all He is using. We've had a few other sources of income, including a $100 cash prize we won by playing Haggen Monopoly! (Remember last year, when my big prize was a can or corn?!) When I told Abby Nelson from Sister Connection about this she said, "God is even sovereign over Haggen Monopoly!" It is wonderful to see the creative ways God is using to make it possible for me to go on this trip.

Now I want to give you an opportunity to make it possible for a widow to attend the retreat, or a child to go to camp. The recent Sister Connection Newsletter talks about the amount needed to make each event a reality. It costs just $30 for one person to attend one of these three-day getaways that are being held in July. Maybe the Lord wants to use you to make it possible for one or more people to attend.

This is not, as we know, just about money. Of course money is necessary for the ministry of Sister Connection to operate. But this is really about God working in the lives of people to bring them healing, dignity and hope. It is about the body of Christ loving and praying for one another. It is about the joy of seeing Him work in people, transforming individuals, families and the nation of Burundi through Sister Connection.

I invite you to bring this wonderful ministry to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to meet all the needs for the summer -- financial needs, travel safety (people come to these events from all over the country), and spiritual concerns. Pray that the Lord would heal and encourage hearts and would draw people to Himself.

And while you are praying, He just might show you some way that YOU can get involved too!


freckledfarang said...

I was JUST thinking about Sister Connection this morning. I love that you are going and I look forward to what you'll have to say about the retreat.

How would I be able to give to this retreat specifically?

Ginger Kauffman said...

Just click on the link to the Sister Connection Newsletter and you'll find an article about paying for a mom or a child/teen to attend camp. There are a couple of options for giving in the article.

And, thanks!