Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mixed Messages

My sister Peach recently got her first smart phone. It kept messing with her, erasing her contact list and other tricks. The day she sent her husband a text message (in English, of course) and it arrived on his phone in Chinese, she knew the phone had to go.

She replaced the phone and got her new one all set up. Last week she and I were driving Mom to Seattle to meet up with our sister-in-law, Gail, who was flying in from Juneau. We were planning to meet her for lunch at 12:15.

At 11:30 Peach got a text message from Gail. I'm waiting for my suitcase and then headed to get the car. Peach picked up the phone to speak into it. She told us that the phone could transcribe her words into a text message for Gail.  "Hi Gail. We are in North Everett. You arrived sooner than we anticipated, so maybe you will have time to go shopping. I will call you when we are closer. Good-bye."

When we met up with Gail she said the message didn't make much sense.  Then she pulled out her phone and showed us the text message she had received. ideal at work where just in the north part of the average I think you got your sooner than we anticipated no I am I have time to go shopping I will be there as well let you know ever get closer I buy.

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