Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Monet Tea Set

My friend Lorie visited us over the weekend.  Thirty years ago we shared an apartment in Japan and have had a sweet friendship since that time.  Remembering my teapot collection, she brought me a lovely gift, an exquisite teapot/cup and saucer set.  It came in a beautiful box with Monet's Poppies on it, and inside was this delicate porcelain teapot that sits perfectly into the cup, with a matching saucer.  I love the fine china feel, the colors and beauty of the pieces, the way the hot tea steeping in the pot warms up the cup.  It was a loving, thoughtful gift and I appreciate it very much.

And if you come to my house for tea, I will serve you with my Monet Poppies tea set.

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