Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Shop for Christmas and Impact the World

Four days till Black Friday, when the craziness of Christmas shopping erupts.  Shoppers, beating a path to the mall in the wee hours of the morning drag home with sore feet, throbbing heads, and empty wallets.  Is that really what you want?

Here's how you can save yourself a trip to the mall, provide wonderful gifts for your family and friends, and support women from around the world!

This Christmas, give gifts from Sister Connection and Heavenly Treasures!

Sister Connection serves the women of Burundi who were widowed during more than a decade of civil war.  Not only does Sister Connection connect Burundian women with sponsors, build homes for the widows, and provide camp opportunities for their children, they also teach the women sewing and other skills by which the widows can earn a living.  And their aprons and purses are available for purchase for $10 each!
My Sister Connection apron
Aprons in other fabrics ($10)
All bags (10"x9") are $10

Recently Susan Rice, a SC board member, hosted a Sister Connection Craft Event, where they raised $550 for the widows.  All proceeds go directly back to the widows, with none being held out for administrative costs.

Should you be interested in purchasing aprons or purses, send me an e-mail with your contact information and I will tell you how to reach Susan to shop Sister Connection!  You can reach me at (

Another organization that sells a wide variety of products made by people from around the world is Heavenly Treasures.  "Since 1998, heavenly treasures has assisted refugees, single mothers, widows, the physically disabled, women & children rescued from human trafficking, orphans, the disenfranchised, and many others. Lives around the world are affected each day through the sale of handicrafts. Each product made reflects the heart and soul of one or more of our artisans around the world.  Assistance is provided to artisans in the areas of Business Development, International Marketing, Leadership Training, Product Development and Spiritual Guidance. We desire to see people fed physically, spiritually & emotionally" (taken from their website).  Like Sister Connection, 100% of all sales go back to the crafters.

You will find jewelry, table linens, toys, ornaments, paper products, gifts for men, and many other handmade items, available through Heavenly Treasures.  Here are some examples:

Teak notebooks ($6 each)
Ceramic car ($10)
Silk scarves from Thailand ($10)

Make your Christmas shopping count for not only the receivers, but also for the crafters who made the items by hand.  And spread the word!

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