Friday, May 27, 2011

Drive-By Photo Shoot

I'd never done this before, but the other evening, the one when it wasn't raining, as we drove into Everett along Pioneer Highway, I rolled down my window (I was not the driver!) and just started snapping photos.  Much of the road between the Stanwood fairgrounds and I-5 at the Arlington/Silvana exit is 50 miles an hour, and all of the road is curvy, so it is impossible to control the outcome of this low precision photography technique.  I felt like a little kid; it was so much fun!  Many of the pictures were so blurry you could hardly make out the images, but some turned out surprising well.  Here are a few of the results:

I was attempting to get a photo of Silvana Meats,
but got the overhead wires instead!

Just a reminder that you are invited to send me your photo(s)
that you shoot at 8:57.  I'm hoping for some by the end of May.
See here for details.

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