Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NCWA, a Writer's Place to Grow

When I joined Northwest Christian Writers Association last fall, I was looking for a place to nurture that seed in my soul to write. I sensed it was time to make my writing more intentional, to find additional outlets for my thoughts and to review some of the things I've learned about writing in my distant past. I needed help to navigate the writing path, and I thought this might just be the place to find it.

I can say that I have found nurture in NCWA and have gotten some direction on my journey as a writer. Each month provides a chance to gain fresh spiritual encouragement through a devotional and to hone my writing skills through the Christian Writers Coach presentations. There's time built in to each meeting to interact with others and I am making new friends and renewing old friendships. These are all things I was looking for when I joined the group.

But I had no idea of the additional benefits that I would gain with my membership.

This is an amazing group of people with interests and talents that dazzle the mind! Just since I joined in September there have been at least ten book launch parties for authors to share their newly published books with the group! The genres cover the gamut -- historical fiction, apologetics, parenting, writing, devotional, fantasy, and a novel about Israeli/Palestinian issues. Many more are in the works.

NCWA authors at the book signing during the Writers Renewal Conference

At the May meeting another new book will be launched by Bremerton author, Kate Breslin. The cover was designed by another NCWA member, Kim Vandal. I can't wait to read it!

Among the NCWA group are people who coach writers, those who edit, others who design book covers and websites, public speakers, upfront people and behind-the-scenes folks. The name tags are already out when we arrive and snacks are provided. Friendships are being forged, people are growing, and beautifully written, transforming truth is being shared through these gifted writers.

The recent Writers Renewal Conference that NCWA hosted allowed me to meet editors and agents who are interested in what I write. They encouraged me to submit my work to them. They also opened my mind to new venues for my writing and, because of the conference, I am grappling with the direction I will take in the days ahead.

Are you a writer who wants to grow in your craft? Why don't you check us out.

Our monthly meetings, which are the first Monday of each month, September through June, run from 7 till 9 pm at Life Community Church in Kirkland. Doors open at 6:30 for snacks, browsing the book table, and a chance to meet up with others. Visitors pay $5, which go toward the annual membership fee of $35, should they decide to join.

Update: Starting Monday, September 14, 2015, NCWA will meet at Eastside Foursquare Church, 14520 100th Ave NE, Bothell.

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Joan Husby said...

Good job, Ginger! This is a fabulous group.