Monday, April 14, 2014

My Weekend with Writers

The Northwest Christian Writers Association held its annual Renewal Conference over the weekend. It was a jam-packed two days at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond where folks with a passion for writing, from newbies to published authors, gathered to grow in our calling and our craft.

We sat together in general sessions and caught up with old friends.

Even if our friends could not attend, we greeted them anyway.

Dennis Brooke, NCWA President, and Vanessa Brannan, NCWA Secretary,
"hanging out" with James Rubart, who was unable to attend

Everything was thoughtfully prepared, including the decorations. Our keynote speaker, T Davis Bunn, is known as a gentleman adventurer, and Mindy had made a marvelous display of miniatures in his honor.

T Davis Bunn, author and keynote speaker

Display of miniatures, to go with the Ken doll (from Barbie) dressed as T Davis Bunn

Table decoration

Judy Bodmer was the conference director, along with her sidekick, Clint Kelly. I would have included pictures of others on the conference committee, but they were moving too fast to find them standing still so I could get a photo!

Vanessa Brannan thanking Clint Kelly and Judy Bodmer for their work
as directors of the Renewal Conference

We had publishers and agents there to listen to our pitches and give us direction. Of all the things that impressed me about this conference the thing that stood out the most is how warm and approachable they all were. Their desire is that we be able to get the message out that the Lord has put on our hearts, and I enjoyed the contact I had with them all.

Catherine DeVries of David C Cook

There were also authors on hand to meet with anyone who wanted their writing critiqued.

Of course an event like this could not happen without the willing hands of volunteers. We had a couple of great helpers throughout the weekend.

We had many chances to share with other writers there and hear the books and articles that are in process of being written. Davis Bunn and many others who had their books for sale during the conference were on hand for the book signing on Friday evening.

Everyone behind the table is an author and had their books at the conference

We didn't lack for humor at our gathering. Friday evening this shady character approached the podium, turned to the audience, and unleashed a list of questions for T Davis Bunn in a way that only a super sleuth could do. For example, "How can this man be so heartless as to win four Christy Awards while the rest of us don't even have one?" and "What does the T in his name stand for, anyway?" I waited all weekend for an answer to that one, but it never did come.

Now that I've been to the NCWA Renewal Conference, I'm hooked. I'm going again next year. In the meantime I'll continue writing here, at Three Minutes to Nine, while I seek to expand my writing, and all to the glory of God.

Do you feel drawn to write? Do you want to know more about Northwest Christian Writers Association? Do you want to attend next year's conference with author Angela Hunt (May 15-16, 2015)? Check us out at Northwest Christian Writers Association. You just may have the story the world is waiting to read!

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