Monday, June 23, 2014

Hymn of the Month -- Jesus I Come

Growing up in the church, altar calls were a common event. There were certain songs that were usually only sung during an altar call, including Jesus I Come. These songs were usually slow, often long, and gave you plenty of time to experience the conviction of your need to respond!

When I heard this version of Jesus I Come on the radio yesterday morning, I didn't really like it. Too fast! I thought, too upbeat! Where's the sense of remorse?

But I kept listening, and I really grew to like this version, released by Scott Wesley Brown in 2013 on his album, Old Hymns Made New. It is a hymn set in a style that is far more likely to speak to younger people than the original, written in 1887, would be.

I love the sentiment. When we sing it we are saying that we turn our backs on the sorrow, darkness, and pain of our lives and step into the joy, light, and peace of Christ. And we affirm, "You are my Shepherd, all that I want, all I need!"

I hope you enjoy the song.

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