Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Christ Shows Up

"Christ can show up anywhere. In anything. There is an opportunity to hear his voice in every mundane moment of our lives. Sure, it helps when we're looking for it. But even when we're not -- he 
still surprises." 
(Joshua DuBois, The President's Devotional)

We have a friend whose ministry is to people in crisis. With each prayer letter we receive a glimpse into the lives of the people he has encountered and are continually amazed by the way Christ has shown up in their lives, drawing them to himself. Here are a few examples of the people with whom our friend has shared Christ, taken from his last prayer letter and used with permission:
- A businessman from Jewish background, a cocaine addict who told him he is seeking God.
- A young lady who is a singer and actress and told him, "I'm spiritual, but not religious."
- A Palestinian Muslim.
- A girl who said, "I was raised in church, but I don't have much of a relationship with God. Maybe that's why I'm having these problems."
- A dear woman whose son was shot and killed on Thanksgiving Day. She told him, "They took half my heart away."
- A young man from Bangladesh.
- A Buddhist woman from Laos.
- Three young people (24 years of age and younger) with no spiritual background watching their mother in the final hours of her life.
- A Hare Krishna devotee who attended the worship service he held.
- A fellow from Kenya who admitted, "I consider myself a Christian. But I'm not a practicing Christian."
- A young man in paganism and spiritism. He told my friend that he wants to return to his Christian roots.
- A Muslim girl from Bosnia who said, "I'm not a Christian. But I feel drawn to Jesus."
- A woman who said, "I feel so guilty about how I treated my parents before they died." 
Each of these people welcomed the Bibles, scripture portions or books that he offered. Many allowed him to pray with them. Whatever their background or beliefs, Christ found them where they were and surprised them with the truth. We can pray that they will pursue the Lord and will put their trust in him.

Let's not miss Christ in the crises of our lives, nor in the mundane moments. Let him call your name in the night. Listen for his voice as you face decisions. Look for him in the displays of nature's beauty around you. Be alert for his surprises. He offers life and grace to all who will receive it. Don't miss him when he shows up.

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