Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Odds and Ends

Today is the sixth anniversary of Jeff and Penny Ingram of Olympia, Washington. I don't know them, but I heard their story on StoryCorps. Jeff has a rare form or amnesia that wipes out his entire memory when he has an episode. Jeff and Penny recorded their story so that he would always have a tangible record of their life together. You can hear the brief recording (three-and-a-half minutes) here.

* * * * * *

Here is a creative group of young people who make instruments from what they find at the dump. Amazing music on ingenious instruments!

Landfill Harmonic film teaser from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo.

* * * * * *

The Dead Sea Scrolls are now available online. Just this past week thousands of high resolution images were posted, including even portions of Genesis and the Ten Commandments! NPR reports on it here.

* * * * * *

That's it for 2012. See you next year!

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