Monday, November 5, 2012

Nearing Home by Billy Graham

I picked up Billy Graham's new book, Nearing Home, from the library the other day. I have always respected this man who is able to communicate with people of all ages and all walks of life. As you might expect, Nearing Home is about running the last lap of his race.

I may not have checked it out, had I known that he was talking to his readers about their own aging. I tend to agree with my sister-in-law, who announced one day that middle age begins at 60. If that's the case, I've just stepped my left foot inside the door and am mid-stride in bringing the right foot in too. But then I look in the mirror and realize that Carol's assessment is a bit optimistic. I am the age now that the "really old people" of my childhood probably were.

Actually, what I've read of Dr Graham's book so far is very sensible and helpful. It includes enough of his own experience to give readers an idea of what his life is like today, but, in the same way that his preaching never focused long on himself, so his book also gives stories and insights from many sources while applying the truth to his audience.

Chapter 2, for example, is called "Don't Retire From Life." Besides scriptural truth and stories that show people adapting to retirement, he offers wise counsel for readers, including a section called "Retirement and You." When considering retirement, Graham advises people to seek God's will. "'But how,'" you may ask, "'can I discover God's will concerning retirement? What signposts should I look for?'" He then provides three things that God may use to guide the reader as they make the decision about retirement. The suggestions are all practical and well thought out.

I look forward to reading through Nearing Home and benefitting from Billy Graham's years of experience and wisdom. I may not be "really old," but I am headed in that direction and realize the importance of being prepared for the future.

If you  or anyone you care about is anywhere on the spectrum of aging -- and that's pretty much all of us -- I think you'd find Billy Graham's insights applicable for your own situation. And it will give you a look into the heart of a man who has lived many years as a friend of God.

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