Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabric Shopping in Burundi

A mini-tour today of our trip in search of fabric while in Burundi.

We had a chance to shop after we were finished with the retreats, just days before a group of us was to leave. Our bus parked in Gitega and we walked down the street that had fabric shops on either side.

Alex and I taking a break from fabric shopping

These shops were jam-packed with fabric, making it very hard to choose!

The shopkeepers were all helpful and seemed quite happy to have so much potential business. And we did stock up on fabric! I purchased five pieces myself.

Outside the shops sit the tailors who, for a very small fee, will sew your fabric into the garment of your choice. Again, too many decisions! How could I possibly know what style I wanted? 

 A man using my favorite tool - an iron!

We left the fabric district and went back to where the Sister Connection tailors were waiting for any of us who'd like to be measured and place orders for clothing. Their facilities are simple, but their work is good.

This young man, with no formal education,
is an up-and-coming tailor

Susan, trying her hand at the sewing machine

Cutting the fabric

Modeling the finished product a few days later

Purses made by Sister Connection and staff

Look at the bright, colorful, unique dresses worn by these women at Widows Retreat, seen here singing and dancing. What could be more beautiful than this?

One day I'll show off my fabric and what I've had made from it. Don't expect anything too soon, though. With only five pieces of fabric, I still can't decide what I'd like to make from it.

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