Thursday, July 5, 2012

Greetings from Africa

We made it to BURUNDI, after about 30 hours, and have just spent our first full day here! My only real problem has been getting on the internet to check mail and Facebook and to post on the blog. I'd love to post some photos, but tonight (bedtime) I got a connection
and don't want to press my luck.

There's so much I'd love to say, but can't tonight. We did go to Hope Africa University today met some folks related to Sister Connection, seen life on the streets of Burundi, and gotten to know y teammates a bit. Tomorrow we get to visit a few of the widows in their homes. Retreat starts on Monday evening. That's also the  ight we give the kids their quilts.

We,re 9hours ahead of the West Coast so now, at 10:00 p.m., it' 1:00 there, just so you know.

(My typos aren't related to the lack of internet connection but to adjusting to a new tablet. Whe  in doubt about what I'm trying ti say, just guess!)

Time for me to go to bed and for you to get back to work! I do hopd to write again soon.

Thanks for your love and prayers. Wat a privilege it is to be here!

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