Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seattle Monuments

We took advantage of the beautiful blue sky and Tom's vacation day on Monday to take pictures of some of the Seattle's monuments. We had several sculptures and other points of interest on our list.

Our first stop was the Honey Bear Bakery, one of the eateries inside Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. We wanted to see the carved honey bear, which used to be displayed at the original Honey Bear Bakery in the Greenlake Neighborhood. That's where Tom's sister Carol and I would meet for lunch years ago, and she'd tell me about her brother Tom. Hmmmm...

A modified bear hug at the Honey Bear Bakery
At 88th and Aurora we photographed the decorated elephant on top of the Aurora Rents building. For most of my life the business it promoted was a flower shop and each day the sign would inform the public of the far-away city or country where they had sent flowers that day.

The elephant at Aurora Rents
We found the troll under the Aurora Bridge, the sculpture in Fremont entitled Waiting for the Interurban, and JP Patches and Gertrude, the stars of a TV kids show for 23 years. In the meantime, we saw a few monuments we hadn't planned on seeing and came across several serendipities as well.

Where to find the troll
The Fremont Troll
At B.F. Day Elementary School in Fremont

At the Urban Earth Nursery in Fremont
Waiting for the Intururban in their St Patrick's outfits
Stopped by the Fremont Bridge as a sailboat goes under
Seattle PI's famous globe
Pacific Science Center's arches
Typewriter Eraser by Claes Olderburg
at the Olympic Sculpture Park 

Tom made friends with a pigeon who posed for him
with the Space Needle in the background
A Bufflehead Duck swimming in the Sound (Photo by Tom) 
Fountain at Pier 70 (Photo by Tom)
Statue of Lenin in Fremont. We came upon him
unexpectedly, and I snapped this photo. Sorry about his head!
JP Patches and Gertrude, dancing in Fremont


Karen S. said...

Loved that tour! I felt like I was with you. Much fun! Did you see all the Olympic Sculpture exhibits? I haven't seen them yet, but it's on my list.

Ginger Kauffman said...

Karen I'm glad you could enjoy the tour with us! I think we saw most of the exhibits. While we were there we even peeked in on a group called Rye Rye filming a very energetic music video in a building at the Olympic Sculpture Park!