Friday, December 30, 2011

Change by Degree

Graphic Credit
Two planes leave Los Angeles, one after the other. They follow the same route assigned by Air Traffic Control but their paths diverge by 3.3 degrees. Plane A arrives at its destination, Washington DC's Dulles Airport, and Plane B touches down at JFK in New York City.

Just a small change in their direction got them to destinations over 200 miles apart.

By nature, when I see a need for change in my life I'm inclined to dump my current approach and go for something entirely different. I make charts and lists and elaborate plans for creating profound change. And after a week or two I abandon my over planning and accept defeat. (You may be surprised by the number of "fresh start" notebooks I have around here!)

I've got several hopes for the new year, including some changes I'd like to put into place. But as I board Flight 2012, rather than taking the familiar route, I'm going to change my path by a degree or two and enjoy the flight.

(Thanks to Steve King, my pilot friend, for his help with this.)  

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