Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet Max McLean

It was the power of God's Word that forever changed Max McLean's life.  Raised a nominal Catholic, Max walked away from all things Christian as a young teen.   Years later Sharon, the young woman who would become his wife, took him to a Bible study where he was drawn to the scripture passage being studied. "I remember the words of the text hit me as passionate and forceful," he told Tim Challies in an interview. "I had not been confronted by the power and insight of the Bible prior to that.  From that moment God began to work in my life and convict me of my sin.  At first I wanted to run away, but I couldn't.  Then I read John's Gospel -- in one sitting.  As I read it, I could see and feel it in my mind's eye.  I thought Jesus was going to come right out of the pages of the Bible an take me with him. At his crucifixion I was in tears.  But after the resurrection appearances, an inexplicable joy just overwhelmed my whole body.  I knew this story was true and that my life would never be the same again."

Since that time Max has used his passion for scripture to shape his career.  He has narrated the Bible in three different translations -- NIV, ESV and KJV.  His narrations of the scripture and his stage performances of Genesis and Mark's Gospel powerfully combine his theological understanding and dramatic expression that draws people in.  Just like the scripture did for him so many years ago.

Max is currently traveling with The  Screwtape Letters, a stage adaptation of C.S. Lewis' witty and thought provoking book.  McLean makes a marvelous Screwtape, and the show is receiving rave reviews wherever it plays.  November shows are scheduled for Memphis, Miami and Dallas.  Check it out here.

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