Friday, September 30, 2011

Three Half-Truths and a Lie

Today's blog is patterned after the party game, Two Truths and a Lie. So here's how we play.  I'm going to list four things you likely don't know about me.  Three of them are, indeed, partially true; the other is a boldface lie.  You guess which one is the lie.

Are you ready?  Here goes:

1. I once rode in a limousine with a kangaroo.

2. While participating in the Roller Derby I fell and got a concussion.

3. I am related to Dan Blocker who played Hoss Cartwright on the TV show Bonanza.

4. I won the 1979 Northwest Regional Card Shuffling Contest.

Have you made your choice?  Let's see if you guessed right.

1. On several occasions I rode to the airport in a limo when my brother-in-law was a driver.  And on my mom's 50th birthday, our friend Kris rented a limo and she, Peach and I took Mom to McDonald's drive-through for breakfast, but there was never a kangaroo in the limo.

2. When I was working with the children at the Warm Beach Church, we went to the roller rink in Everett.  During an all-girl skate, those little kids were going so fast that I thought I'd better get out of their way. I made it clear to the entrance of the rink before I fell.  There was no concussion.

3. For years this was the bit of trivia I pulled out when asked to tell something about myself that nobody else would know.  And really, I thought I was related to Hoss.  Turns out he was in my uncle's family line, not ours.  When he and my aunt divorced, I lost my claim to fame through my relationship with my fifth-cousin-by-marriage, twice-removed!

4. If you eve played UNO with me, you'd know this is a flat-out lie.


Shareeeeeen S said...

You made me laugh out loud with your kangaroo entry idea! Got my attention, one could say!
I had my picture taken with Hoss' brother at the Ponderosa when I was about 17 years old. What a beautiful place it is in California.....the land has an absolute incredible view overlooking the water.
It was so interesting to see the humongous long dining room table you saw in the show. Funny to see Hopsings kitchen.
Was a good family show and little Joe was my favorite.

Ginger Kauffman said...

Sounds like a fun tour of the Ponderosa! Thanks for sharing about it.