Monday, March 21, 2011

Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting at the desk in the library of the Chambered Nautilus, a bed and breakfast just east of the University of Washington.  We left home about noon, stopped for some Thai food, and then headed to Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood for a little window shopping.  There are a couple of thrift stores I've seen dozens of times, but today was my first time to ever go in.  I was on sensory overload as Tom and I maneuvered through Found, a vintage shop on Roosevelt, so we didn't really spend the time I wanted to inside.  But I'll go back the next chance I get.  The other store, a couple of blocks south, is Cloud Nine, a consignment store of Saint Stevens Episcopal Church.  It was there that I made this wonderful $5 purchase!

We dreamed our way through Dania, trying out chairs to see which styles fit us, just in case we come into some serious money.  Exquisite taste, shallow pockets -- that's our problem!

At the Chambered Nautilus we settled into our room and came down to the common area to have cookies and tea.  We are enjoying the quiet, the elegance of this lovely home, and the hospitality of the retiree whose current occupation as an interim innkeeper finds her filling in at various bed and breakfasts around the country!

 Here's a look around the inn:

Sunday morning -- It promises to be a beautiful first day of spring.  We had breakfast with a young Seattle couple in the sunny dining room where they served a delicious three-course meal.  I appreciated their willingness to accommodate for special dietary needs.

We'll be packing up and moving on soon.  We're headed to Pike Place Market for some fresh air and maybe some flying fish.  Should be fun.

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