Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vocabulary Practice

Here is a conversation that was held over a scrambled egg and milk break that my friend Dennis was serving his five- and six-year-old grandchildren:

PopPop: Would you like any more milk?

Camden: No, I am content.

PopPop smiles.

Camden: That was a nice use of that word, wasn't it?

PopPop: Yes it was.

Camden: Do you know what I said to Mommy yesterday?

PopPop: What?

Camden: I was thirsty, so I said, "My stomach water has evaporated."

PopPop: Wow! I like that.

Sophie: Did you say "evacuated"?

Camden: No, I said "evaporated." That is when water disappears into the air.

Sophie: I know what evacuated means.

PopPop: You do? What does it mean?

Sophie: It's like when a bad thing happens to a town, and everyone has to leave.

PopPop: You are right.

Sophie: It's like if it was Christmas, and there was a large Christmas tree in the middle of the town, and a bad person comes to take the tree, and all of the people leave (motioning that the people leave in two different directions).

PopPop: Do you know what movie that reminds me of? It reminds me of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Both kids: Yeah!!!!

So, if you ever have to evacuate, I hope that you have enough liquid refreshment for when your stomach water evaporates!

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