Sunday, March 24, 2013

Holy Week -- Palm Sunday

Holy Week, the most significant week in the Christian calendar. Each day this week we will take a look at what was happening on that particular day of Holy Week. I invite you to put yourself at the scene each day, whether joining in the celebration of Palm Sunday or sitting at the table with Jesus at the Last Supper.

Palm Sunday is portrayed in the following video, created by Big Book Media. It was Jesus' victory parade! Of course we know what happened later in the week, so it is easy for us to watch the story unfold in the light of Jesus' condemnation to death just days later. But try to experience what it was like for the people whose joy is reflected on their faces as Jesus enters Jerusalem. Rejoice with them -- Jesus the King has come!

Hosanna! Let our praise resound!

A Day With Jesus, The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem from Days With Jesus on Vimeo.

Hosanna (Palm Sunday) from Centerline New Media on Vimeo.

Scriptures for Palm Sunday
Matthew 21:1-11
Mark 11:1-11
Luke 19:29-44
John 12:12-19

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