Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Music and Motherhood

I am home from Africa, mostly in one piece with a few things strewn around the world -- my new tablet, which I may or may not ever see again, left in a bin at security in Hethrow; my friend and traveling partner Susan, from whom I was split up and put on separate flights in London; her bags (including my souvenirs) stranded in Chicago. I trust that in time we will all get back together again. I'm contacting the Heathrow airport for my tablet, which has several hours of video that I'd love to see again.

For the next couple of days I plan to sleep off the jet lag and the cold I came home with. I may upload my 1500 photos and select some to post. (Did I scare you last time when I said that I have 1500 pictures? Did you think I was going to make you look at them all??)

My friend Christina Bentley is the mother of four lovely boys and shared a blog post today on Facebook called Legacy, about singing hymns to her kids. She gave me permission to use it today. Come back on Friday for more details (and photos) of the trip to Burundi and the beautiful people I met along the way.

P.S. If you see Lula, tell her that the only Olympians that we could identify were boxers from Australia. The same guys kept popping up everywhere I looked!


barefootmommy said...

I would look at a thousand photos!

Joan Husby said...

Welcome home, Ginger. Eager to hear more!