Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little Glimpse

I have so much to tell you -- about the wonderful new friends I have made on this trip, including four teens, two recent college grads, two-month newleyweds, and three other moms, two of whom grew up here; the amazing places we've been, including a hotel in the city, a university and a hospital, and a guest house in the mountains; of the things we've done including visiting the homes of nine different widows, attending a vibrant church service, touring a project that makes a highly nutritious cereal that a missionary friend invented over 20 years ago, and hold on for dear life as our bus has navigated the wild, go-fo-it streets of the city and the windy mountain roads!

It may take till I get home next Monday night and I can sit down at the computer, download my 700+ (so far) photos before I can send you much detail, but we will be at this hotel with internet for three days so I may be able to do more later.

(Remember to guess what I'm trying to say if it doesn't make much sense as my keybord is very unforgiving when it comes to making corrections. Sorry about that.)

As you read this post today (8:57 a.m.) we will be meeting the 500 widows and their 300 young children (ages 6-12) who have been traveling from all across the country today -- by taxi-van, bicycle, on foot, and a few by car -- so that they can attend the retreats the national Sister Connection team has been putting together. Remember us in prayer if you would. More to come...


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of you alot! I look forward to hearing all about it... I'm living vicariously through you, until I can take a trip like this. Everytime I hear about a disaster, a hurricane ravished area, wild fires, etc... I ask God, "Can I go, Can I go"?! Bigsigh> Not yet. One day. I love you, and will be prayin' Christy

Ginger said...

May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart, my friend. Love, Ginger