Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hymn of the Month -- Cornerstone

Old Hymns Made New -- That's the theme of my Hymn of the Month posts this year. I love the old hymns -- or maybe you already knew that -- and I have been sad to see them disappearing from the church. Their power is in their theology and their strong statements of faith. God is lifted up, His faithfulness celebrated, and our hope in Him alone affirmed. To silence the hymns is to diminish the worship of God's people.

But they are making a comeback! Some are being sung just as they were originally written while others are being introduced to a new generation with an updated tune and a contemporary bridge.

For those who thought that hymns had died, be encouraged. Hymns are alive and are being sung in churches and on the radio, proclaiming the old, old story in a new way! Let's celebrate the grace of God expressed through music in 2014 as each month we share an old hymn made new!

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