Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stirring Up the Memory

I was digging through a box of old notebooks and journals and I came across some long buried memories:

- a report of the daily activities on a trip to Hawaii in the 70s with a friend. (She's the same friend who took the ukelele on an earlier trip to California and sat cross-legged in the back seat and played as four of us were stuffed into a VW bug.)

- notes from my three years in Japan (1979-1981), including a reminder to ask my supervisor for a book about the life of Fanny Crosby.

-  a Japanese hymn written out in romaji so that I could sing along*.

- my old passport number, and a list of all the costs for returning to the US.

- a journal of a trip to eastern Washington in the early 80s, when it cost $13.18 to put 20 gallons of gas into my gas tank.

- instructions from my voice teacher to keep my face straight -- don't "squiggle it up." Apparently that helps you stay on tune when you sing.

- a list of several Simplicity patterns I was interested in and the amount of yardage it would take to make them. (I think I remember a garment or two that I made from that list. Let's just say, I don't sew any more because of that experience!)

- a reminder to check at the Datsun dealership for posters and cars (huh?).

I also found this quote:
"Yourself in your hands is a pain and a problem;
Yourself in God's hands is power and a possibility."
The quote is attributed to E. Stanley Jones. As it turns out, he's the one who's name I couldn't remember the other day when I posted about joy in aging. I knew his name would come back to me one day. And there it was, in a box that has sat dormant in my house for many, many years.

Sometimes you have to go to great lengths to stir up the memory!

*(Romaji is the Japanese letters written in roman letters so that you can read Japanese even if you don't know the written characters),

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