Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Trees

I don't usually post on Thursdays, but we found ourselves on a tree tour late yesterday afternoon that just screams to be shared! So here you go...

The Fern Tree
If you find yourself anywhere near the intersection of Jackson Gulch Road and Pioneer Highway, just north of Silvana, check out this surprise. There are ferns growing on the branches of this crazy tree that, long ago, must have been the perfect climbing tree in Snohomish County! I have never seen anything like it. Have a look.

The Eagle Tree
We decided to go home through the flats, so we turned west on Norman Road. We came upon this eagle, a sentinel keeping guard over his nest. Undeterred by the many smaller birds that rested temporarily in his tree or the flock of geese that flew past, he stayed affixed to his branch.

The Cherry Trees

Further down the road was this row of cherry trees in full blossom. 

I urge you  to take the tree tour for yourself, if you get a chance. And even if it's raining, the eagle is gone, he ferns and cherry blossoms no longer spectacular, a country drive will do your heart good.


Angela said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love cherry trees and the eagle is really neat!

barefootmommy said...

I can't wait to go find that eagle nest! We drive jackson gulch whenever we come to church and it's SO picturesque. I love the trees lining either side of the road, and when the tree farm that you drive up to has fog in it on an early morning, it's heavenly. I've noticed the fern tree too. the cherry trees are gorgeous as well. I have been noticing all the eagles seem to be appearing again. i wonder if they have babies and need to find food!